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New server IP

November 13, 2014, 04:06:55 PM by [FRAG]B
Due to an upgrade of the xMovie server's hardware, we now moved to a new IP:

See you there!
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2014 Christmas mapping contest

October 19, 2014, 02:59:20 PM by [FRAG]B
The best christmas-themed map will win the contest. Note that the winning map will only be loaded permanently in December and January.

Apart of the prizes for the winner, each participant will get 7 days of free VIP, conditioning their map is decent enough. VIP rewards can be ended sooner if the VIP commands are being misused or if rules are broken too often.

To increase your chances of winning, pay attention to originality, precision, realistic look, details, no bugs, ... Keep in mind the map might need to be relocated to the spawn point (this will be done by admins) which is a flat surface, so try to avoid mapping on a slope.

The maximum amount of objects is 198. It is allowed to use objects added by SA-MP (0.3c, 0.3d, 0.3e, 0.3x or 0.3z objects) but recommended not to use them. Extensive use of these objects will decrease chances of winning.

To participate simply reply in this topic with the map name, or send the map name in a PM to me. Participating with more than one map is allowed. Feel free to post images and talk about what you're making in this topic.

The deadline is December 10.

Good luck!
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2014 Summer mapping contest

July 31, 2014, 06:40:52 PM by [FRAG]B

This summer we'll have a mapping contest again, this year the task is to make the best summer related map. This could be anything from a festival map to a beach map to a funfair, so put your creativity at work.

Once again important criteria are originality, how realistic it looks, creativity, absence of bugs, ...

Any objects may be used, although it is recommended to avoid using a lot of sa-mp objects.

The amount of objects that may be used is unlimited, just keep in mind that objects will start disappearing when there are more than approximately 1000 in the same area.

It is allowed for one participant to send in multiple maps or to send in previously made maps. To join the contest, please leave a post in this topic or send a forum PM to me. Make sure your map name(s) is/are in the post or PM.

If participants want to give a bit of information about their map to the jury, they may do this by sending a text to describe their map or explain certain things about it. This can be done through PM to me or Skype (FRAG.B).

The deadline is set to be the 30th of August, so we can have a party in the winning map the same day.

Each participant with a decent map will get seven days VIP* and the winner will get one month VIP*. In case the winner is already a VIP or admin, he may give the prize to someone else.

* This can be ended sooner if t...
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xMovie has updated to 0.3z!

March 08, 2014, 11:12:56 PM by KeithSosa
The server has been updated to 0.3z, anyone who still has an older version can install the new version here:

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Christmas Mapping Contest 2013

October 27, 2013, 09:08:55 PM by [FRAG]B
Santa is on the way and he's expecting to see a nice map dedicated to christmas in our server again. The contest for this map is similar to the ones of the last few years.

The objective is to make the best christmas themed map, the winning map will be permanently loaded at the spawn point around christmas and the creator will get 2 months of free VIP status (suggestions for more prizes are welcome). Each participant will get 3 days of free VIP, conditioning the map is decent and not a cheap attempt to get these 3 days.

Participants will need to make the map somewhere else because mapping at the spawnpoint is forbidden, so the winning map will be copied and moved to the spawnpoint afterwards. Therefore it's important to make the map on a flat surface similar to the spawn place.

A few criteria important for the map are originality, precision (avoiding objects floating above the ground when they're supposed to lay on the ground for example), realism, detail (not just a large tree with 5 decorating balls in it for example), ...

The maximum amount of objects is 198. It is forbidden to use 0.3c, 0.3d, 0.3e or 0.3x objects since they make it too easy to make christmas related maps.

If you want to participate, reply in this topic with the map name, or send the map name in a PM to me. Feel free to post images and talk about what you'r...
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